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Coronavirus COVID-19 – Trafford Community Response, How You Can Give Help or Get Help Locally

As the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 becomes more widespread in the UK, those who are vulnerable or who may need to self-isolate, will need support to access everyday essentials throughout the virus pandemic.

There are different ways in which you can help people locally in Trafford throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, including:

'Being a Good Neighbour' - Join one of your local Mutual Aid Groups
If you want to take part in informal volunteering/mutual aid you do not need to register with Thrive Trafford if you are interested in local community volunteering, such as shopping for a local neighbour.
Visit the Mutual Aid page for advice and information on volunteering with an existing mutual aid group and for advice on setting up your own mutual aid group.

If you are assisting someone who is self-isolated, please remember to follow the necessary social distancing precautions.
What does volunteering for a mutual aid group involve? Groups organise their own activities in response to local community needs. Some tasks might include:

How can I find my local mutual aid group?
Mutual aid groups are springing up all over the UK. Covid Mutual Aid have an up to date map and list of local groups on their website: You can also register your own group on the site.

Volunteer through a Community-based Organisation Hub in Trafford
In response to the outbreak we have been working closely with community leaders, VCSE and faith groups, the public sector and housing partners to coordinate community hubs for people who want to volunteer or donate to support people locally that are in need of more advanced on-going support throughout COVID-19. These are currently being set-up to support people living locally within different areas across Trafford.

As part of these community hubs, we are looking for people who would like to sign up as Trafford Community Response Volunteers to support residents and communities in their local area affected COVID-19. Examples of tasks you could undertake may include: Thrive Trafford are coordinating the initial volunteer enquiries and will then be referring these and offers of donations to community hubs closest to the areas people have specified they can support.
If you would like to volunteer your time, resources, or skills at one of the Trafford Community Hubs please Click Here to register your details.

Get Help Locally in Your Area for you or a friend or family member in need
In light of Covid-19, Trafford Council on Monday 23rd March 2020 set up a central helpline 0300 330 9073 for people who need community support and which will be manned by Citizens Advice Trafford.

Donate items or resources
If you are a resident or business that would like to donate any items, or resources as part of the Trafford Community Response to COVID-19 please get in touch with us on or call 0330 123 9766 and leave a voicemail.

Voluntary, Community & Social Enterprise (VCSE) & Faith Organisations If you are a Voluntary, Community, Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisation or Faith group and need additional volunteer support please contact us on

We have also put together a webpage of 'Guidance for VCSEs' around Coronavirus COVID-19 - Click Here for further details.

General rules for keeping safe and well whilst supporting your local community throughout the COVID-19 outbreak We will be updating this information on a regular basis and will have more updates for how you can give help or get help locally.

March 16, 2020