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Trafford Council – Council to hold Public Event on plans for Stretford

TRAFFORD Council has organised an event on ‘next steps’ for plans around the regeneration of Stretford.

The event will provide a forum for further discussion on key elements of the plan prior to more detailed plans being drawn up.

A blueprint to bring millions of pounds worth of investment into the area, the Masterplan outlines the approach for securing the revitalisation of Stretford.

Last year, the Council carried out one of its largest ever consultations, resulting in over 2,000 people sharing their feedback via public events and surveys. Following that, changes were made to some key parts of the scheme and the Council feel that the time is now right to update residents on the current state of play and ask for feedback for the next elements of the Masterplan due to move forward.

The main topics up for discussion at the event will be development of the Lacy Street site and Public Realm around the Edge Lane/A56 area.

The meeting, which will be held at St Ann's Social Club in Stretford, on October 2nd, between 6pm and 8pm, will be attended by Council Officers to encourage informed debate and discussion.

Trafford Council leader Andrew Western said: "This meeting, rather than being a formal consultation is an opportunity to listen to what is important to local residents and how that may have changed in recent months. It is an opportunity to give the people of Stretford a clear voice in the conversation which is very important to me personally.’

"That’s not to say that there won’t be many challenges along the way and more conversations to have – this is after all a huge regeneration opportunity. I am committed to continuing to work together for the best outcomes for all, and feel extremely optimistic about the future of Stretford.”

Registration is required to attend the event and places are limited. Please register here:

All feedback from last year’s consultation can be accessed on the Council website here:

September 7, 2018