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VCSE Representation on Partnership Boards

Thrive Trafford is working in partnership with the Trafford Partnerships Team to help develop VCSE sector representation across different Partnership Boards. This includes the Strong Communities Board, Health and Wellbeing Board, Strategic Sports Partnership, Growth Board and the four Locality Partnerships. VCSE Sector Ambassadors are working closely with Board partners to help set strategy, assist in decision making, and help in feeding key information back to the wider VCSE sector.

The VCSE Sector Ambassadors have been recruited to represent the VCSE sector at key thematic partnerships and the Trafford Partnership Executive, where the voice of the VCSE sector will add value and improved outcomes that can be achieved.

The VCSE Sector Ambassadors work in align with the Community Ambassadors already recruited onto the Locality Partnerships.

The function of the VCSE Sector Ambassadors is to:

VCSE sector ambassadors help to tap into the wealth of knowledge and experience contained within the VCSE sector, involving practitioners such as Chief Officers or the Chairs of VCSE organisations that are able to represent the interests of the VCSE sector in Trafford.

There currently are VCSE Sector Ambassadors on three Trafford Partnership Boards, including the Strong Communities Board, Inclusive Growth Board and Health and Wellbeing Board.

Strong Communities Board - VCSE Representative
Jonathan Yates, Chief Executive Officer at Citizens Advice Trafford
Inclusive Growth Board - VCSE Representative
Annoushka Deighton, Chair of Friends of Stretford Public Hall

For more information on Trafford Council’s Trafford Partnership team please CLICK HERE

If you would like to express an interest in becoming involved as a VCSE Sector Ambassador on one of the Partnership Boards, sub-groups or would like to receive further information about the roles available please email