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Volunteering to support COVID-19 outbreak

As the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 becomes more widespread in the UK, those who are vulnerable or who may need to self-isolate, will need support to access everyday essentials throughout the virus pandemic.

In response to the outbreak we have been working closely with community leaders, VCSE and faith groups, the public sector and housing partners to coordinate community hubs for people who want to volunteer or donate to support people locally that are in need throughout COVID-19. These are being set-up to support people living locally within different areas in Trafford.

Volunteer Training Videos to support you or volunteers in your group whilst volunteering during the COVID-19 outbreak

Supporting Volunteers – aimed primarily at informal volunteering groups –
Staying Safe When Volunteering –
Safeguarding Tips –
Telephone Befriending Advice –

As part of these community hubs, we are looking for people who would like to sign up as Trafford Community Response Volunteers to support residents and communities in their local area affected COVID-19. Examples of tasks you could undertake may include:

Thrive Trafford are coordinating the initial volunteer enquiries and will then be referring these and offers of donations to community hubs closest to the areas people have specified they can support.
If you would like to volunteer your time, resources, or skills at one of the Trafford Community Hubs please Click Here to register your details.

To help VCSE organisations deliver some of their existing services throughout the COVID-19 outbreak please see below.