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Trafford Quality Mark

The Trafford Quality Mark is aimed at supporting voluntary, community, faith based organisations and social enterprises to assist them in becoming fit for purpose, more sustainable and better able to deliver quality services. The Trafford Quality Mark has been developed in partnership with blueSCI as part of the Releasing the Potential Programme, and working alongside Trafford Council commissioners and procurement.

The Trafford Quality Mark is free for third sector organisations to take part in, and includes an assessment tool which will be used to show that third sector organisations in Trafford are of a recognised standard. Organisations will need to demonstrate that they have the correct paperwork or evidence, procedures and systems in place, and those that successfully complete the assessment will then be awarded with a Trafford Quality Mark certificate. The assessment for the Quality Mark includes nine sections:

For further details about the Trafford Quality Mark please click here.

For further details about organisations that have completed the Trafford Quality Mark please click here.

All third sector organisations wishing to gain the Trafford Quality Mark will need to have completed an initial assessment and develop an action plan from it in order to collect and collate evidence for the quality mark assessment.
If you are interested in the Trafford Quality Mark for your organisation please contact or call a member of the Thrive Trafford team on 0330 123 9766.

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