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2014 Equalities Grant – Ten VCSE Groups Receive Grant Funding

Earlier this year Trafford Council launched the Advancing Equality Grant Fund 2014, offering grants of up to £5,000 to fund innovative ideas to ‘Reduce Social Isolation’ in Trafford communities.

The Fund invited bids from voluntary and community organisations with innovative ideas to support isolated sections of the community to engage in activity and foster new community relationships.
The fund was hugely popular with almost 50 groups applying for a slice of the £30,000 fund available.
A panel made up of representatives from the Diverse Communities Board reviewed the applications and selected the best ten to receive funding.

Chair of the Diverse Communities Board, Ralph Rudden, launched the fund and said, ‘Social isolation can be an issue for anyone. The ten projects funded through the Advancing Equality Grants 2014-15 will make a huge difference to vulnerable people in Trafford communities and provide a vital lifeline for isolated residents.’

The ten VCSE groups to receive funding were; Artism Society of Artist, St John’s Centre, Sale West Community Urban Trust, Trafford Carers Centre, Beat Bazaar Projects, Touchdown Dance, Trafford Blind & Deaf Club, Trafford Older LGBT Group Listening Project, Bath Crescent Social Committee and Old Trafford Heritage and History Group.
For further details of the successful projects please see below.

Artism Society of Artist
We run our own art gallery on a converted narrow boat; we put on art exhibitions showing the artwork of artists on the autistic spectrum. We also manage the work and make prints and cards which are sold on the boat giving the artist a chance to earn money from their artwork. The funding will enable a project to expand the offer to groups as well as our own the chance to use the floating gallery for their own exhibitions or promoting their cause, We will run the exhibitions each weekend from April to end of September.

St John’s Centre
In the academic year 2014-15 we will offer two weekly ESOL Conversation Groups (Beginners and Intermediate) for twelve weeks each term. The ESOL Conversation classes offer people an opportunity to practise their English with native speakers in an informal setting. The class is led by a teacher, who is supported by two or three workers, giving lots of opportunity for interaction.

Sale West Community Urban Trust
The long-term aim of this project is to prevent the social isolation which results from domestic abuse. This project is aimed to enable parents and children to learn how to control their anger. There are established courses on anger management, aimed at secondary school children. We would like to do a preventative course, aimed at primary school children and their families- this funding will enable us to develop and pilot a short (6-week) programme of group work for parents and (separately) their children addressing the following areas:

  • Building empathy and understanding
  • Different ways of showing love
  • Effective communication (based on Wheel of Communication model)
  • Setting clear boundaries (for parents)
Trafford Carers Centre
We would like to establish a male carers support group to be managed by a male caseworker; delivering opportunity to come together. The group will reach out to vulnerable male carers and offer them an avenue for open discussion, social activities and peer group support on a monthly basis with additional supported opportunity for members to be empowered to organise activities outside of the scheduled group.

Beat Bazaar Projects
The TIMELESS project will deliver live music making and sing-along sessions to elderly people living in sheltered accommodation who have limited opportunities to hear live music and sing. The project will culminate in a live showcase with performances from the residents, a live band and guest singers from the community. The project will focus on the musical tastes of the residents and will take into consideration noise levels, keeping the acoustics and levels suitable for the participant’s ears.

Touchdown Dance
The delivery of workshops ending in a public event to an invited audience and showcasing the material we develop. These workshops will be around discrimination, victimisation and harassment within the day to day lives of the participants. Adults with Learning disabilities and sensory impairments in South Trafford area who will be recruited via MENCAP and other local services. Participation in projects such as this provides a community, a circle of colleagues and social interaction. Much is learned through collective engagement and participation in an active, self directive and expressive process.

Trafford Blind & Deaf Club
During 2015, we plan to invest in the programme of activities, attract new members, train volunteer helpers and ensure the future sustainability of the club. We aim to increase membership from the current level to the previous level of 30 members
This project will reduce social isolation because it will give people in Trafford who are blind, partially sighted, deaf or hearing impaired a rare opportunity to get together to form and enjoy friendships, benefit from peer support, develop social skills, participate in activities and learn about useful services and equipment. It will also improve the club’s skills and infrastructure, putting it on a firmer footing so that it can continue to support more people in the future.

Trafford Older LGBT Group - Listening Project
The listening project will aim to directly engage local LGBT residents 55+ living in Trafford. Community members will be recorded sharing experiences of health and social care, including housing. This has the benefit of rapidly producing an evidence base that requires little or no analysis or further context and that can be quickly shared with a wide range of providers and potential service users in a powerful, innovative and accessible format.

Bath Crescent Social Committee
To provide social activities which engage elderly isolated individuals. We will have a series of events including a Christmas party with entertainment and karaoke. This will be followed by an afternoon of cream teas whereby other tenants from sheltered housing schemes will be invited

Old Trafford Heritage and History Group
The project will help and encourage older people to participate and get out of the rooms to share their often remarkable stories of life with other people. We will host 5 events – for 100 elderly and 100 young people.
The tea parties are a good way to prevent social isolation and prompt some people who may not socialise that much. By attending these tea parties they get to know their neighbours and other people and make new friends.