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Trafford Health & Wellbeing Board

Trafford’s Health and Wellbeing Board brings together elected Councillors, key commissioners, including representatives of Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group, the Director of Public Health, Children’s Services and Adult Social Services, a representative of HealthWatch and two VCSE sector representatives.

The Health and Wellbeing Board connects Trafford into the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership, and oversees three thematic partnerships:

The Board oversees the Health and Social Care Locality Plan which will help develop a place based, partnership approach to health and social care in Trafford, and will encompass all aspects of wellbeing such as work and skills, housing, physical activity, and crime and offending.

Michelle Hill, CEO of Talk Listen Change (TLC) and Dorothy Evans, African Caribbean Care Group (ACCG) are the two VCSE representatives that sit on the Trafford Health and Wellbeing Board.
If you would like to feed into the Health & Wellbeing Board or would like feedback from the VCSE Representative about the meetings please email Michelle Hill on or Dorothy Evans on

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