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Befriender (Supporting children and young people aged 0-25 years, Greater Manchester), Barnardos


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The Greater Manchester Keyworker Team works across all Greater Manchester, supporting young people with autism and/or a learning disability. These young people are or have been at risk of going into an inpatient setting due to their mental health. The service provides each family with a Keyworker, who creates a crucial care package to support the individual away from high risk and moving towards stability. As a volunteer, you will be introduced as a young person begins the work of re-integrating themselves into their community, education, and preferred activities.

Activities that you may be required to do can vary from support with travel, attending social events/clubs/activities, accessing a young person’s special interest, and emotional support and guidance.

All our young people have a diagnosis of autism, and/or a learning disability. As a service, we champion the diverse range of communication styles, behaviour presentations, and sensory needs that diagnosis brings. Therefore, as a volunteer, you will be provided with training to prepare you to recognize and adapt your support style to meet these needs. This is a great opportunity to learn a lot about neurodiversity, through robust training and direct experience. You will need to join us with an open heart and mind.

How to apply / further information


Telephone: Rhiannon Booth, 07548846518