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Free Rehabilitation Group Now Established For 20 Years – Fitness For Body & Mind.

Fitness for Body & Mind have been running Fitness for Body and Mind classes for 20 years now! It was originally a free service that was NHS funded. But due to NHS cut backs the classes no longer were supported. Dawn McKevitt who runs the organisation took it upon herself to fund raise, and up to the last 5 years apply annually through various networks for financial support. Consequently the valued and much needed service LIVES ON!

The various medical teams/ services that rely and refer to this project are, Trafford Generals Cardiac Rehab team, George H Carnal Leisure Centre rehab team, the Physiotherapy department at Trafford general, all local G.Ps, to name a view. Fitness For Body and Mind think it’s important that you know that many representatives from within Trafford’s established and diverse health support structure have been to observe the service. Their response has been fantastic! They are basically excited and are elated that there is such a scheme surviving, within Trafford communities.

Fitness for Body and Mind is a project that offers support, prescriptive exercise, that’s safe, non-stigmatising for FREE and 50 weeks of the year!

Finally an individual, having been discharged/had a consultation or treatment, from any medical professional in Trafford, now has somewhere to go! Where they can practice, rehearse all that they have been taught or advised to do 50 weeks of the year, so that then becomes a way of life.

Fitness for Body and Mind's main objective is to provide gentle, but effective exercise to anyone with any physical, learning or mental health challenges. To positively challenge, mentally, (balance, speed, agility) and physically, all those that attend, but never expect them to do anything that they simply cannot or that would be detrimental to their health.

Some of their users are in wheelchairs, or cannot get up or down off the floor, or may be an amputee or suffer from epilepsy. The environment they create, with the fully qualified staff, and helpful volunteers, never fails to deliver!

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All are welcome, mats and equipment are provided. Personal details, next of kin, medication, illnesses and ailment information is collected on the users first visit.

Should you need any further information about this project please do not hesitate to contact Dawn McKevitt on 07968599048 or

12th November 2014