ThriveWorking together in Trafford

Launch of Training Trafford

Training Trafford was launched on the 21st March 2013. Training Trafford is a partnership of a number of organisations delivering courses for voluntary/ community groups and not-for-profit organisations working in Trafford. The training courses and workshops are designed to meet the needs of Trafford’s third sector, supporting a whole range of organisations. Training Trafford courses are delivered by a number of partners depending on the type of support and specialism of the organisation. For the first time training on offer for third sector organisations will be promoted through a central point – Thrive Trafford’s website. The partners involved with Training Trafford include Thrive Trafford, blueSCI, Trafford Leisure Trust, Trafford Housing Trust, Trafford College, and VCAT. For more information on the wide range of training courses and workshops on offer from Training Trafford please click here.

27th March 2013