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National Social Enterprise Day – Thursday 20th November 2014

This week is Global Entrepreneurship Week along with Social Enterprise Day on Thursday 20th November 2014; so to support and promote this enterprising day, Thrive Trafford are giving a talk on Tuesday 18th November to 80 Business and Sports students in Trafford College to give some insight into what a Social Enterprise is and how they themselves could gain the skills and knowledge to start up a Social Enterprise. And to give an example of a successful Social Enterprise currently running in the Trafford area we have asked Sabeeya from Challenge 4 Change to give some information to the students about what they do as an organisation and some of the benefits and challenges they face as a Social Enterprise.

We will also be promoting our next round of the Social Enterprise Challenge to the students in Trafford College, which will be running early next year following on from the success of the last challenge in July this year.

For further details about the Social Enterprise Day on Thursday 20th November 2014 and Buy Social please visit or follow the #socentday on Twitter.

For further details or to register your interest about Thrive Trafford's next Social Enterprise Challenge please contact Caroline Lewis on

18th November 2014