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New funding for community health projects…only available in parts of Trafford…

The funding is from the People’s Health Trust, who operate the Health Lottery (not to be confused with the Big Lottery). Their national programme - Active Communities - distributes grants of between £5,000 and £25,000 per year to smaller, not-for-profit organisations (with a maximum income of £350,000), for projects designed and led by local people which:

All kinds of projects will be considered benefitting health in the widest sense. Examples given are a disabled cycling club, a women’s volunteering group, computer skills for older people, or a new group looking to ‘green’ an urban area. There are some exceptions- notable ones are activities that the taxpayer should fund, projects looking to change specific behaviours (e.g. stop smoking), or focussing on specific diseases (e.g. stroke). The funder is more interested in tackling the underlying causes of ill-health in deprived communities, rather than treating the symptoms for individuals. Importantly this funding is only available in Trafford for the next month. And not in all parts of Trafford- just where the funder judges need to be greatest, which is in the following neighbourhoods: Sale Stretford Altrincham Old Trafford West Area There are detailed maps on the website… For full information on how to apply you will need to go to the ‘apply for funding’ tab, put in a postcode for your neighbourhood, and you will get guidance notes, those maps, online application form etc. Worth also (I think, and if you are serious about pursuing the opportunity) clicking on the ‘About Us’ tab and looking over the funder’s annual review-gives some insight into what the People’s Health Trust is about and what they have funded in other areas nationwide. The process is apparently straightforward- at this stage they only want ideas and outline plans/budgets, if they are interested, they will ask for more information. Finally but importantly- as part of the ‘Thrive’ support offering to Trafford’s communities (more at the team is here to help and support with any bids. So if you want to run ideas past us to see whether it is eligible, or maybe would like some support in filling in the form please contact us at or

13th June 2013