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Relate GMS – Family Mediation Help For People Separating

Relate GMS are offering people across the Borough Family Mediation support for people separating.

Mediation is open to anybody affected by family breakdown including divorce, separation and dissolution of civil partnership, regardless of race, sexuality, age, orientation or faith.
Mediation is also available to step-parents or other family members, such as grandparents, who may be having difficulties over contact arrangements.

Family Mediation works with separated couples to help them work towards child or financial arrangements (or both) as amicably as possible.

Relate has over 75 years of relationship support experience and our focus has always been on helping families establish healthy relationships. Relate strongly believe that this includes those whose relationship has broken down, and assisting them in moving forward as amicably as possible.

You may be aware that recent changes in the law mean that before making an application to court for family proceedings it is a requirement to firstly attend Family Mediation; as a result it is of increasing importance that people are made aware of the process. The motivation behind the change is law is due to the fact that Mediation is cheap, quicker, and hopefully more amicable than court proceedings.

For further details on what is available from Relate GMS Family Mediation support service please click here.

13th March 2015