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Trafford Prime: For Older LGBT Residents

Trafford Prime is an exciting new programme for Older LGBT residents to discuss and share their life stories in a safe and supportive environment.

The programme

Trafford Prime has been set up to identify and work with the older LGBT community to explore their particular housing, health and social care needs in a new and novel way.
Over the summer, we will be working with individuals to co-produce a listening project leading to the production of an audio visual record of their experiences, hopes and fears. The programme will offer mutual support allowing participants to explore sensitive issues in a supportive environment with other older LGBT residents. For those that do not wish to be part of a group, or who are unable to commit to the full programme, volunteers will be happy to visit participants in their home or at a venue of their choosing.

Together, we will be discussing and sharing experiences of life for the LGBT community by exploring their past and present experiences, as well as their hopes and fears for the future. The programme is as much a celebration of the communities resilience as it is an exploration of their needs. We will be sharing stories from the past and present to build a picture of how their lives have changed over time.

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29th May 2015