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Public Service Reform Board (PSR)

Public Service Reform in Trafford

With such broad outcomes, as commissioning changes and services are delivered differently, so Public Service Reform (PSR) becomes simply ‘service reform’, affecting all sectors and communities.

The Trafford Partnership sets the culture and creates the environment for collaboration between organisations, across sectors and with communities. For some years Trafford partners have worked together innovatively and efficiently, delivering dynamic projects and improving outcomes for local people, leading the way across Greater Manchester and nationally. Trafford has been doing ‘Public Service Reform’; collaborating, co-locating and co-producing services long before the terminology was created. Having this strong culture and leadership of partnership working puts Trafford in a very strong position to take a lead role in driving Greater Manchester’s approach to Public Service Reform, as it’s through projects and practical delivery that we see the strength, value and impact of the Trafford Partnership.

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