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Trafford Partnership Old Trafford & Stretford Small Grant Successful Projects Announced

Trafford partnership is always keen to encourage local residents to create a clean, sustainable environment that they can take pride in, they therefore were looking for group projects in Old Trafford & Stretford that would help environmentally improve the area

Grants of up to £300 were available for groups or people to enhance and improve a local communal space. The purpose of the grants scheme was to promote positive use of local spaces and encourage community spirit in the neighbourhood.

The grant scheme was popular with the partnership team receiving a high number of applications from across the Old Trafford & Stretford locality.
The grant scheme is now closed for applications

To read all about the projects that were successful in securing funding please see below:

[su_box title=”Location – Powell Street and Alphonsus St, Kings Road and Norton Street” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Improve the alleyway that runs between Powell Street and Alphonsus St, Kings Road and Norton Street. Making a run of planters along the alleys, hopefully out of reclaimed materials to make sure the money goes the furthest. There is an option of getting probation involved to enlist offenders to help on this community project.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – One end of South Lonsdale and Norway Street in Gorse Hill ” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Alley clean and provide a planting scheme for the alley with planters and trellising. Once the planters have been sourced there will be a weekend of alleyway activities including an alleyway party. The duel aim for this project is to make the area beautiful and safer and also to help the neighbours get to know each other again and reduce social isolation and bring back community spirit.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Moreton Ave and Surrounding alleys” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Moreton Avenue Residents Association – would like to transform the four alleyways associated with Moreton Ave by putting up flower baskets on the walls with colourful sustainable planting. They would hold a planting day and get the whole community involved in sprucing up the street. They will also plant in and around the established tree pits. This grant will be a spring board to improve the area and alleyways
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – between Worthington and Langshaw Street” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Alleyway improvements between Worthington and Langshaw Street. Growing plants in containers and creating a friendly green space for all the residents to use – Not in My Alley recently cleaned up the alley, now they want it to stay clean and become part of the community and a space people can use. If they have enough funding they will also try to provide seating that people can use.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Blackburn street and beever street (the dead end)” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Improve the area on Blackburn street and beever street (the dead end) – create a number of planting beds at the end of the road. This will bring to life this dead space and enhance both streets positively. There is strong buy in from residents of the immediate vicinity as well as the local mosque.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Cyprus Street” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Cyprus Street Residents – to plant 5/10 street trees on the corners of Cyprus street, this will be a start for the scheme and making the area nicer.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Alley of Walter St and Ayres Road” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Planting and growing fruit trees and vegetables and flowers that will transform the alleyway into a green and edible walkway, looking to create and English countryside experience in the city, with the plants selected to encourage insects and birds – Supported by neighbours, church and love old Trafford and have a good triangle of land.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Brunswick Street and Lacy Street” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Change an over grown tatty patch of grass to a communal garden for the estate with herbs flowers and vegetables. Local kids club and love Stretford would be involved also to bring forward ownership of the garden – to be maintained by residents.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Alley between Pemberton and Worthington” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] To install two large planters in the alleyway to make the area more recreational and fun for families and children, looking to also provide outdoor crayons so children can draw on their walls in the alley.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Alleyway behind bottletops shop on Ayre Road to the main junction” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Alley clean up and provide planters and hanging baskets with flowers and herbs to create a pleasant place to sit and enjoy.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Map indicates a one mile route from Seymour Gr towards Kings Road” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Love Old Trafford – Green Alley Walk, Approx one mile in length in OT with overhead trellises – a permanent installation in the area and one people can be proud of and take ownership of. Collaboration between local architects Brick Design Studio.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Alleys behind/between 142-174 Stamford Street, 1-35 Albion Street 13-23 Ayres Road” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Intend to put up 4 large A0 waterproof, lockable frames for local artists to curate, with also opportunities for local photos, community notices and events. To be coordinated by Linda sterling, visual artist, events with local children will also be used to showcase images/info.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Leighton Road with Auburn Road on one side and Reynolds road ” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Improve the alleyways that link Leighton Road with Auburn Road on one side and Reynolds road on the other side. Place planters in the alleyways to contain a mixture of wildflowers and herbs. Supported by Leighton Road OT Facebook group. Will open with a street party in September!
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – One end of South Lonsdale and Norway Street in Gorse Hill” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Alley clean and provide a planting scheme for the alley with planters and trellising.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Alley way between Stamford Street and Albion Street” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] Alley way Mural designed and painted by local young people with guidance from local artist – paint a mural to brighten up the alley way between Stamford Street and Albion Street.
[/su_box] [su_box title=”Location – Ayres Rd, Langshaw, St Henrietta St” box_color=”#26b7cb” radius=”0″] CCTV in Entry to ally way in Ayres Rd, Langshaw, St Henrietta St area (block). CCTV to prevent and discourage fly tipping. Area subject to recent clean ups by residents. Residents in agreement that CCTV is the best way forward, this small amount of funding will enable an existing scheme to be extended and implemented.