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Old Trafford & Stretford – 2014 ‘Have Your Say’

Old Trafford & Stretford Locality Partnership hosted their 2014-15 Participatory Budgeting event on Saturday 12th July 2014 in Stretford Leisure Centre.

Grants of up to £4,000 were available for local voluntary and community groups to deliver projects meeting the partnerships priorities of ‘Child obesity and healthy eating’, ‘Reducing barriers to employment, increasing and developing skills’, and ‘Improving the place where you live’.

Ten community organisations in Old Trafford and Stretford received funding for projects to improve their local area at a public voting event.

Over 150 local residents attended the event to find out more about the shortlisted projects before casting their votes for the ones they wanted to receive funding.

The ten successful projects were announced by representatives from the Old Trafford and Stretford Locality Partnership; Chainlink, Tree Things Trafford, Seed Studios, Seymour Poets, Gorse Hill Community Action Group, Touchdown Dance, Old Trafford Community Fitness and Amateur Boxing Club, Simply Cycling, Blanc and Gorse Hill Lifestyles Project.


Winners from Old Trafford & Stretford Voluntary Sector Grant Event


Old Trafford Community Fitness and Amateur Boxing Club



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The projects that went through to the public vote are summarised below, along with the amounts they applied for:

Tree Things Trafford - £3,043.69

Tree Things Trafford is a volunteer user led community group. It was set up by people who had experienced mental health issues such as hearing voices and depression or other chronic conditions. We worked in manual roles e.g. for BT and in the joinery trade and found little support for men with our mental health issues and so are determined to help ourselves and each other.

Tree Things Trafford has six volunteers with woodworking skills who will set up and run a series of weekly re-entering employment workshops.  Whilst open to everyone, these will be primarily aimed at men.  We will provide the opportunity for people to take part in woodworking activities and projects where they will gain new skills for employment or maintain their existing skills.  The workshops will provide a safe and supported environment where people can re-build their self-confidence.  Having finished items to take away will build pride and self-esteem as well as giving them new skills that they can generate their own income in the future.

Gorse Hill Community Action Group - £2,000

The organisation aims to work with the local Gorse Hill Community to address common community issues as well as develop a stronger community identity and influence the local physical area for the benefit of all residents. As part of this work we have developed the “Gorgeous Gorse Hill” project to work with local residents to take ownership of their local community, and to develop and improve it for the benefit of all, whilst at the same time aiding the development of skills and knowledge through art, gardening and community improvement.

We aim to run regular community days to promote and encourage community involvement in the project, through sessions such as growing food, maintenance, children’s activity sessions such as making seed bombs, and working with local artists to decorate planters. This project will fund the installation of planters at two bus stops in Gorse Hill to fill with fruit, vegetables and herbs and the decoration of men’s toilet block with art by a local artist & local children to improve the appearance of the area, showing community activity and ownership.

Seed Studios - £2,730

We are a user led community group who have managed music studios in Trafford for 7 years. We are an arts and wellbeing organisation with roots in mental health recovery, working holistically tackling health inequalities. We do not employ any paid staff. The management committee is made up of 4 volunteers. Using music as a tool, volunteers run weekly accessible workshops for local people encouraging involvement from minority groups, cross gender participation and inclusion to all. We empower people to achieve creative goals, improve wellbeing, confidence, social capital and gain a better chance in life.

Seed Studios – Studio 1 would like to purchase the Behringer X32 Producer, a modern digital audio desk. The X32 is the most common audio desk for concerts and TV broadcasting. Knowledge of using such a standard piece of professional equipment is vital for employment as a sound technician. Seed will train 30 people from North Trafford to use this industry standard equipment. For people who are leaving college and looking for their first job, or facing a barrier into employment, this project will provide a long term and valuable skill in a popular industry.
4 concerts at the Old Trafford building will provide opportunities to build confidence applying the new skills in a real life scenario. These concerts will be held in autumn, winter and spring and summer.

The Enterprise Bridge CIC - £3,644.30

The main aim of The Enterprise Bridge is to bring self – esteem – health and economic well being to everyone we come into contact with. Grand statement but how do we do this? We use enterprise in its widest form to attract, develop and inspire local people from local communities. We provide enterprise education to support people to open their minds to new ideas, engage with new activities and be the best they can.

The project will deliver ENTERPRISING SOLUTIONS FOR CHANGE- an 8-week programme to develop – encourage and inspire attendees to remove some of the obstacles involved in making decisions and creating change. This particular project aims at engaging with local residents to help them to think about life, challenges, opportunities and options to better themselves and those close to them
The project will bring awareness and education to those in the community that may not have previously engaged with similar activities. It will allow residents the opportunity to be part of the design and delivery of the programme by consulting with them pre, during and post project

Seymour Poets - £1,651.35

Established in 2005, we are a writing group who meets weekly in Trafford. We support one another to keep our heads up and weather the storms when they come by using writing exercises that help us to explore who we are.

Our aim is to make these activities accessible to all. We work with people who have become isolated for various reasons including severe mental health problems (e.g. schizophrenia, bipolar, hearing voices etc), autism, physical disabilities; substance misuse and isolation caused by communication issues.
We will carry out 28 workshops for a group of 25 people on the themes:

  • • Self-acceptance and confidence building,
  • • Healthy eating,
  • • Telling your own story.

We will attract new members using advertising in libraries, community centres and social media. We aim to improve peoples’ life skills and make them feel better equipped to thrive. We will produce postcards, each postcard will have a simple, healthy recipe on one side; on the other a vivid, concise, first-person account of a life journey from despair to success, e.g. from depression to gainful employment.

Touchdown Dance - £3,970

Touchdown Dance provide training opportunities to disabled, sensory impaired and learning disabled people towards employment in participatory, arts based, community projects, third sector employment.
We will deliver training for up to 15 learning disabled, disabled and sensory impaired, adults who can’t access further formal training or find employment.

This training will support different levels of ability to lead workshops in creative and performance skills. We will set up and run training sessions in personal and interpersonal skills, project development, and organisational skills. Including life coaching skills, self awareness, emotional intelligence, managing difficult experiences, self evaluation skills, to ensure a meaningful learning experience.

Beat Bazaar Projects - £4,000

Beat Bazaar Projects is a not for profit community arts, music and cultural organisation offering music making and creative learning opportunities for the community. Our projects bring people together through innovative music making and multi arts programmes, workshops, informal education projects, community showcases and festivals. The programmes also provide hands on vocational opportunities in the creative industries leading to new transferable skills.

The Pulse Project is a creative leadership programme aimed at a team of young creative leaders and volunteers aged 18-25, who are currently seeking employment and career development opportunities in the creative industries. The Pulse Project will involve bespoke master-classes and advice sessions from industry professionals and creative entrepreneurs who already have successful businesses and successful careers. The project will enable this group of ambitious young community leaders to develop their own ideas for community projects and contribute to the development and running of community spaces.

Old Trafford Community Fitness and Amateur Boxing Club - £3,840

The Club aims to provide the young people from the Old Trafford area with positive/credible opportunities and alternatives to anti- social behaviour. The Club seeks to utilize local facilities and through consultation with young people and the local community provide them with sports leisure based activities of fitness and boxing. The Club will also provide support and link young people into existing local provision.

Providing the Boxing sessions at the St John’s Centre allows young individuals the chance to engage in organised activity, which can slowly help to have a positive influence on bringing about change in their behaviour. The grant will cover the cost of room rental. By utilising the local facility, we can engage the young people and give them a sense of ownership, and hope to direct them into physical exercise respecting the facilities in their area which may be open to misuse and vandalism. Overall individuals involved will be able to make more positive choices about community involvement and respect, which gears their future.

Gaydio - £1,600

Gaydio is a training and broadcasting organisation and the holders of a community radio licence for a service aimed at the LGB&T people. We work with people across Greater Manchester, irrespective of their backgrounds, with programmes using radio skills to address their disadvantages in life. In the last year we have delivered around 10 projects, including our LGB&T youth programme, a programme in Trafford and a European Social Fund programme to work with people that are unemployed, helping them get back into work.

The proposal will consist of a series of workshops for participants. In total we want to engage directly with 20-30 people over 10 weeks with each person participating in 4 training workshops as well as supported larger group sessions, to establish a way forward. The programme will directly support the group in making their first two podcasts and then leave a legacy of support (including use of our radio studios) for the group to become self-sustaining. The group will then produce a monthly podcast, celebrating life in Trafford.

First Asian Support Trust (FAST) Ltd - £3,690

FAST has been established since 1993 and is a registered Charity and aims to respond to the needs and concerns of people with seen and unseen disabilities and economically inactive individuals from deprived backgrounds through the intervention of Employment and Training support.FAST customers are predominately from low income and deprived backgrounds, have a disability or are economically inactive. We aim to work with some of the hardest to reach individuals who do not participate in JCP programmes.

The basic computers and employability support programme will include a number of digital workshops to support those who have no computer experience or skills and utilising young volunteers who have information technology experience to support the older generation through a trans-generational project. This project will deliver a basic computing and employability support programme involving 4 hours participation, Monday to Thursday (8 hours/week) for a maximum of 13 weeks. This will be a rolling programme of 3 cohorts per course totalling 30 participants per programme and will be delivered in groups of between 10 and 12 people for 9 months. In addition participants will be able to “drop-in” to use resources/ equipment/ internet to aid their job search.

Chainlink - £3,425

Chainlink is a community group which engages people in cycling in various ways. These include providing guided bicycle rides for people of all ages and abilities, a bicycle repair service where people can get bicycle repairs or maintenance carried out at low cost and bicycle repair workshops where we teach people how to fix their bikes themselves.
The Tour de France comes to Britain this year and Britain’s elite cyclists dominate the world on both road and track. Many people in Old Trafford have told us that they have been inspired by this and would love to take up cycling, whether for personal fitness, to get to work or as a low cost alternative to car use.

We will run guided bike rides around the local area at weekends and during school holidays giving the opportunity for families to get fit together and for them to introduce cycling to their children as a practical means of getting around and staying fit.

Cycle maintenance workshops will focus on giving the volunteers mechanical skills and experience as well as building up their confidence to enhance their future job prospects. The workshops will refurbish donated bikes (of which we already have a stock of) so that we have a pool of bikes that local residents can hire, for free, for use on our bike rides or for them to buy at an affordable price.

Gorse Hill Lifestyles project - £1,461

Currently being piloted, the project has been aimed at young people aged 11-18 years via referral from social workers, youth workers, schools and other agencies in order to develop young people’s self-esteem and confidence through independent and group work activities.

Young people from the area can come and experience a relaxed, informal and safe environment in which to improve confidence, to have a go, to make mistakes and to take part in activities that interest or help their development in order to help them grow into confident and able young people as they grow. The funding would enable the young people to have more ownership of the project and in choosing the activities they can take part in, thus allowing the young people to develop their understanding of others and how they can involve everyone so they are all equally achieving and learning.

Blanc - £2,000

‘Blanc’ is a dance group made up of 10 members aged 13-17, we compete regionally, nationally and internationally. The group who aim to be successful dance champions around the world by doing performances around the UK, and in other parts of the world such as America. The group seeks to be well known for our dance talents and be a popular respected group and to get further known in the dance world.

May 9th 2014 we were fortunate enough to fundraise enough money to travel to Europe. We attended the European UDO street dance championships in Germany, we placed 4th. We would like to go to the Hip Hop Dance Intensive summer camp (HDI) in Wales on 23rd-30th August 2014. HDI is a dance camp where aspiring dancers are given the privilege take classes with some of the most successful universal dance choreographers, for example Ian Eastwood who has danced in music videos for Justin Beiber.

This intensive training week will improve our confidence by giving the opportunity to speak to these choreographers who can give once in a life time advice on how they made it so successful in the world of dance, also explaining different routes of dance to go down to make it worldwide.

Simply Cycling - £3,599

Simply cycling is an all-ability cycling group who aim to provide bikes for everyone no matter what their age and ability. We run open sessions 6 days a week where people can just turn up, ride a bike, meet new people, socialise and experience a healthy life experience. We have a can-do approach and aim to provide a bike for everyone.

Further develop their fleet of bikes as a result of increasing demand. Over the last few months we have experience an increase in numbers of parents and toddlers attending our sessions. We would like to provide more bikes for younger children and their parents and carers.