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Volunteer Training Resources – Covid-19

Volunteers are central to the work of countless charities and other voluntary and community organisations and have been throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. They are a valuable presence in many communities, making a difference in places as diverse as sports clubs, libraries, schools, hospitals and residential areas.

There are a number of volunteer based training resources available including:

Psychological First Aid Digital Training - Public Health England
Yesterday PHE launched an updated Psychological First Aid (PFA) digital training module, aimed at all frontline and essential workers and volunteers. The course aims to increase awareness and confidence to provide psychosocial support to people affected by COVID-19. The course is free, and no previous qualifications are required. It takes around 90 minutes to complete and is also available in three sessions for the learner to complete at their own pace. By the end of the course, outcomes will include: understanding how emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic can affect us, recognising people who may be at increased risk of distress and understanding how to offer practical and emotional support.

For more information and to take part visit:

Suicide First Aid Training for Trafford Volunteers and Frontline Workers
Free Suicide First Aid Training for Trafford
There are free Suicide First Aid training sessions available open to all, especially those working on a frontline basis with Trafford residents i.e. hub workers and volunteers, mutual aid members. Please share with any other groups you are working with in Trafford too that may benefit from attending the training.

The dates available for the training are:
Friday, February 26, 2021
09:30 Sign up
SFA Lite (Virtual delivery) – Trafford
Andrea Newton

Tuesday, March 9, 2021
09:30 Sign up
SFA Lite (Virtual delivery) – Trafford
Andrea Newton

Thursday, March 11, 2021
13:00 Sign up
SFA Lite (Virtual delivery) – Trafford
Andrea Newton

This 3.5 hour workshop teaches practical suicide intervention skills that will be useful should you find yourself in a situation with someone who might be struggling with such thoughts. Previous learners have found the session extremely valuable and felt much more comfortable and better able to have a direct conversation as a result.

It is a very practical workshop developed from evidence-based research. It can be applied in any professional or personal setting, teaching basic skills that can help someone with thoughts of suicide stay safe from their thoughts and stay alive. It is not about you becoming someone’s counsellor or therapist – but your ability to help them in the moment and to signpost to appropriate professional support where relevant.
Full details can be found on:

For a shorter Suicide Prevention training course (20 minutes)

Safeguarding Training and Resources for Covid-19 Volunteers - Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership

Safeguarding for Covid-19 Volunteers – Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership

Safeguarding information for Volunteers factsheet and a Domestic Abuse factsheet.

Other free Safeguarding e-learning courses available from the Trafford Strategic Safeguarding Partnership
Courses included:
An introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences
Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
Child Trafficking
Dementia Awareness
Female Genital Mutilation
Fire Safety for Professionals visiting Families
Forced Marriage Awareness
Modern Slavery
Prevent Awareness
Suicide Prevention
Talking to your children about emotional resilience and self-harm
Understanding Animal Welfare in Violent Homes
For full details please Click Here